So you want to sell products on the internet? Don’t know where to start?

At MNWD we can help you get your e-commerce venture off to a flying start. You may wish to offer some or all of the products available in your offline business in your online store. Or maybe you just want to sell online without having a physical store. If you do have a physical location then an e-commerce website can reach potential customers outside your geographic area, plus make searching and cataloguing a large number of products easy and allow you to accept secure payments online.

We can assist you in the design and development of your online store no matter how big or small it is.
You will be able to update the website yourself.  With a powerful built in content management system, you can continue to add and remove products as you wish.  You can add an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories, plus as many pages you desire.

We take care of the security of the website.

Why have an online store?

  • To sell your products to a potentially larger market
  • You can choose to have your sales process fully automated, or partly automated to maintain customer relations
  • Choose from a range of payment processors
  • Built in Search Engine Optimisation
  • Sell your products internationally
  • Customer expectation – if you sell it offline, many people now expect to purchase online
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profits

What sorts of products can be sold online?

You can sell just about anything online, but be mindful about how you will ship/deliver the items to your customers, eg. will you use Australia Post or a courier company.

Products suited to e-commerce include: software; printed or graphic material (eg classified ads, digital books); services not requiring human interaction (eg airline tickets); specialty niche goods (eg memorabilia); products for which the order processing costs are high (eg loan applications); and seasonal products (eg swimming pool shops).

Products not well-suited to e-commerce include: goods with a short shelf life (eg ice cream, bread, hot coffee or hamburgers); goods or services that require you to be at a particular location (eg petrol); and when transportation is difficult or costly (eg live animals, washing machines).

E-commerce is growing. Confidence in purchasing products over the internet is now increasing.

Isn’t it time you capitalised on this growing marketplace?

Why Choose us?

  • We customise your online shop to meet your needs
  • We provide on-site training to demonstrate how easy it is for you to add and remove products
  • We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation, so you know that your website will be seen.
  • We speak to you in plain English so you know exactly what you are expecting from your online shop.

Examples of our online shopping carts can be viewed at in our Portfolio