Google Adwords

Pay Per Click Marketing can help your business to stand out in crowded search engines & increase the numbers of visitors to your website.

Pay Click Marketing (also known as PPC) is a controlled method of online advertising. With PPC you set a daily budget on each ad & once you have reached this limit each day your ad is no longer shown. You can also choose which keywords you would like to be found under. Plus there are no time limits for how long your ads are shown, you can run a campaign for a day, a week or longer.

Google AdWords

A PPC online advertising service that lets advertisers post text ads for their sites targeted for specific keywords. You can see these ads on the far right side of Google’s search results and also in the “Ads by Google” banners seen on sites.


  • Help your business gain greater visibility in Google
  • Fast Results – have your ads online, test products & marketing strategies.
  • Target Audience - find people who are searching for the same keywords you specify to advertise your product or service.
  • Budget Control - total control over ad budget. No monthly minimum spending limit. There is a $10 set up fee, then choose how much to pay per click from 9 cents to $100 (AUS).
  • Productivity - view reports and statistics that help users determine which ads, keywords, and prices per click are the most productive.

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