Social Media Strategy

Increase conversations about your brand through sharing and engaging with your target market

Social media is everywhere and if you use the internet for business then daily you are asked to LIKE, VOTE or FOLLOW someone.

  • Perhaps you have tinkered and set up a facebook page or a twitter account but use it adhocly and are not really sure how to use it. "It seems time consuming and what are the benefits", you ask.
  • You may have been using it quite extensively but are yet to see any really return?

The problem is most businesses attack social media head on and without any real plan.

  • Why are you using social media? What are you goals?
  • Decide how you will use it. To share, to engage or to interact.
  • Which tools are best for what you are trying to achieve Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging or others.

These days people don't like to be advertised to and told how and what to buy. They jump online "Google it" and ask their friends and contacts for recommendations through sites like Facebook and Twitter. Smart phones and iPads and other tablets are fuelling this trend even more as you carry your device with you and contacts are always only a second away.

Whether you want to

  • Monitor
  • Broadcast or share
  • Run a viral campaign
  • Target short term engagement through a competition or similar
  • Collaborate
  • Or let your community drive

Allow us to help you form a social media strategy that is right for your brand, marketing and reputation.