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To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag


Improve your reach by using hashtags

What is a hashtag?

A hash tag is a hash or pound symbol (#) followed by any word or group of words and used on social media.

Hashtags are used to organise content, track topics and make your content more searchable by topic.

For example: #melbourne #shoplocal #kidsfashion 

Should you use them? 

You might use 1-3 hashtags per post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn but not often. 

But hashtags are important on Instagram because they can help you connect with new customers, expand your reach, spark conversations, and even track user-generated content for your brand.

Many brands run Instagram competitions and giveaways and use hashtags to track entries eg. #ShareACoke

When should you use hashtags and how many? 

While you may not use hashtags on every post, you should use them on most. 

You can use upto 30 hashtags on a single post but this may be overkill.

If you use on average 6-11 hashtags per post make them relevant and mix them up using different hash tags on different posts this will help you expand your reach.

If you are a local business using local hashtags is the best way to build community awareness.

Use a combination of branded hashtags, industry-specific and local keywords.  For example: #YarraValleyChocolaterie #chocolatelovers #chocolatefactory #familyfriendly #yarravalley 

Relevant seasonal or trending topics can help increase audience too. Some example: #ruok #aflfinals #schoolholidayfun #royalwedding #springfashion #melbournecup #summerholidays #santaiscoming

So to summarise:-

  • Using hashtags on instagram makes your content more discoverable
  • You don't need to use hashtags on every post and 30 is probably overkill. Stick to 6-11 hashtags per post
  • Make adding hashtags a habit and research competitors, influencers and trending hashtags
  • Make sure your hashtags are relevant and mix them up, don't use the same ones on every post
  • Measure the performance of your posts and most engaged hashtags.

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